Long tail marketing, focusing on the niches to – sounds brilliant, but it’s treacherously hard. Mei Yi Yeap, General Manager of event platform Peatix, spoke to GrowthKungFu co-founders Pritish Sanyal and Wai Hoi Tsang about Peatix’ successful long-tail strategy

 Mei Yi: We see [long-tail marketing for start-ups] as a two-pronged approach. Number one, we look at people who want to use technology. This group, we try to reach through our growth and marketing effort, through our content, we educate them by saying this is how you can do events better, this is how you can improve on, let's say, growing your sponsorship fees etc.

There is another group that hasn't really given thought to [our service,] ticketing. Or, they haven't really thought about leveraging technology very much, because they have always done things in a more manual way.

With this second group, a lot more on-the-ground work is required. We have more bizz dev type work with them, we partner with co-working spaces for people who want to host events in their space, we can offer [Peatix] as a tool for them to leverage. To drive more traffic to them.

We also consciously reach out to people who do events that are not tech-driven. For instance, music events or theater events. We reach out to them and say: give it a try and you might be surprised. One particular example is where we worked with a music promotor, and they own a huge eatery in Malaysia and run a series of concerts, which they always sold at their cafe and a few other cafe-affiliate partners.

I approached them to sell online. There was some back-and-forth and they decided to not do it 'this time around'. I said: "You know, you really have nothing to lose. Just set up a page, if you sell, you sell, if you don't, you don't." Turns out that within that one week that they set up a page, Peatix helped them sell far more than any of the other cafes that they were selling in for months.

The organizer says: "I'm so glad you convinced me to do it." That was brilliant, because it was exactly what we want. We want to empower people who have not thought of doing things in a different way to benefit from it.

As you mention your [online initiatives]. Can you talk us through your Slideshare [content marketing strategy] and how it has helped you to grow your community?

Our Slideshare initiative is rather new, but I love it because it is driven by one of my teammates - she looked at our content marketing and said: I can add more visual elements to this. What she's done, is very simply use a lot of the great blog content that we have and repurposed them into Slideshares. We started publishing them, a few Slideshares a week and some of these - without a lot of promotion - have already attracted more than 600 views per slide.